how apple's siri will change search and affect web marketing

The Content Marketing Game Changer: Apple’s Siri and What you to Need to know!

I am a huge Apple fanboy. Have been ever since I was 13. I just had my bar mitzvah and was the proud recipient of manhood…and an Apple IIe. Technology has progressed at an incredible rate since then and Apple has always been on the forefront of simple, easy to use, cutting edge design. When [...]

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20 Super Awesome Ways to Reuse, Recycle, Renew, and Repurpose your Blog Content!

Dear Blog Post, May you rest in peace. You have lived a long and fruitful life. You were loved by many as told by the website traffic you continually generated, the many inbound links that were bestowed upon you, and the countless leads you facilitated. You always rose to the occasion as demonstrated by your perpetual Google [...]

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A Day in the Life of one Very Happy Inbound Marketer

It’s days like this that I pinch myself and ask…am I really dreaming? Is my small business really still growing at this rapid of a pace…in THIS economy? Did I really just have the day that I just had? The answers would be No, Yes, and Yes! I am going to sum up today as [...]

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how blackhat seo can hurt your small business

Are You Aware Your SEO Company Might Be Killing Your Small Business?

Will the real ethical SEO company please stand up? I’m waiting.  Still waiting.  Yet, still waiting. If I’ve offended any SEO companies by that statement…too bad! Unfortunately your reputation precedes you because your industry is littered with controversial tactics. Mark Schaefer wrote a fantastic article on the topic, Why SEO Disgusts Me.  I highly recommend [...]

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life lessons learned from chris brogan

My Five Minutes with Chris Brogan and Life Lessons Learned

Have you ever heard the expression  – don’t judge a book by it’s cover? I’m sure you have. Well apparently I’d been doing just that to one Chris Brogan. The poor guy’s ears must have been ringing non-stop lately. I mean I don’t even know the guy, and who am I to speak badly of [...]

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Website Grader TV Home Improvement Contractor Review

Introducing Website Grader TV! Home Improvement Contractor Website Review

I am pleased to announce Website Grader TV on the Small Business Market Domination blog! Each week I will review a small business website and the effectiveness of its inbound marketing strategies. I’m going to go deep into why a website may or may not be a lead generating, inbound marketing machine.  What steps can [...]

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why social media doesn't work for many small businesses

The Great Social Media Scam! What the Experts and Gurus Fail to Tell You!

Have you fallen victim to all the social media hype? That someone who calls themselves an “expert” told you that you needed to have a Facebook fan page? That someone who calls themself a “guru” convinced you that you should have a Twitter account? Being the awesome “open to new ideas” small business owner that [...]

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social media fake friendships

Are Bloggers Fake? Read on “My Friend”…

Since when does social = instant friendship, instant karma, or an instant connection? In our offline lives, doesn’t it take time to build relationships, build rapport, to earn respect? Then why am I finding it increasingly annoying the number of bloggers who, in no time at all, call me friend, bro, or buddy? Don’t get [...]

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